We strive to make JoeBooking be as easy to use and maintain as possible, anyway we still have some help files, please have a look here if you are stuck with something.

JoeBooking appointment plugin installation guide for WordPress powered websites
How to upgrade from free to pro version
Getting started with the appointment booking plugin
Configuring the available time for your customers to book
Setup a service that consists of two parts and has a processing break between them during which other appointments can be booked.
Collect online payments or deposits using PayPal or credit cards, send out invoices, add your sales tax, export transactions to generate proper accounting records. Require a minimum deposit before a booking is accepted.
Earn more by selling your services in packages
Take into account the travel time needed for a provider to move between appointment locations
Do some action automatically following a certain event, for example assign a package to a new customer.
Collect additional information that you would like to get for your appointments