JoeBooking is made by hitcode, a small web development company building online applications for small businesses and solo practitioners worldwide.

Algis A.
Founder, Product Management, Marketing, Customer Service

Algis has over 15 years experience in web development and Internet affiliate marketing first working for computing companies then going independent. He started hitcode in 2001 with a vision to make online small business applications easy to setup and use. Named after his Lithuanian grandfather, Algis travels a lot and currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Max B.
Lead Developer, Customizations

Max is an enthusiast PHP programmer/web developer based in St.Petersburg, Russia. He has worked in the web development industry since 2003 and continues his quest for knowledge doing most of hitcode products architecture, programming and customizations. When not coding, Max enjoys playing around with his kids, jogging and cooking.

Andrey E.
Quality Assurance, Usability

Andrey is a very keen web apps addict since 2009, he always thinks critically about what we are doing and is the worlds champion when it comes to validate, verify, communicate and resolve issues. Andrey lives in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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