Configuring Availability

JoeBooking lets you configure availability separately per each calendar. To start managing booking availability for your calendars, please go to main JoeBooking menu, then click Availability link.

You will see the list of your calendars. Choose one that you would like to configure availability for.

Click New Availability.

The new availability form appears.

It lets you specify the Start Time and the End Time of the available window.

The Interval option lets you define the selectable ticks, for example you want to let customers choose times every 15 minutes.

The Applied On option defines the recurrence when this availability window is active. Currently there are Every Day and Days Of Week options. The Days Of Week option lets you choose specific days of week to apply this availability setting on.

Valid From and Valid To settings let you specify the period when this availability is active. For regular schedules you can leave them as No Limit so these settings are recurring permanently. Otherwise you can limit it by From Date and / or To Date options to create limited time events.

Finally the Priority value lets you organize your availabilities if several options are triggered for one date.

If they have the same priority, they will be used together. For example, you could have 2 time windows 9am-11am and 2pm-3pm during one day.

Otherwise, the availability with the highest priority is used. For example, first you define your regular weekly availability, then add an override for a specific date with a higher priority.