Payments Pro

With the Payments module you can accept and record payments for your bookings.

Finance Settings

Go to Settings > Finance. You will see several options that can be configured to reflect your financial setup.

You can choose your currency, the price display format, as well as the header and the footer for invoice view.

Set Pricing

You can set up a time slot price per each calendar. Go to Calendars, click one to edit, then click Pricing.

Edit the price per time slot for this calendar.

After your create a booking in a calendar that requires payment, an invoice will be generated automatically.

You can record payments for this booking.

Online Payments

If you plan to accept online payments from your customers for your bookings, you will need to enable one or more online payment gateways. Our plugin provides several options.

Currently the following online payment gateways are supported:

To enable an online payment gateway, go to Settings > Finance > Payment Gateways.

Click on an option to edit its settings.

The online payment gateway options form will appear. This form depends on the payment provider. Here is an example for Paypal.

After you enable an online payment gateway, your customers will be able to pay online for your bookings.